M-Pro7 Combat Proven Copper Remover Solvent 4oz

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M-Pro7 by Hoppe’s is a complete weapon maintenance system is designed to preserve weapon integrity enhancing reliability, performance, service life and operator safety. Specifically designed for military, law enforcement and other professional shooters.

Eliminates copper fouling without the use of ammonia or other toxic chemicals.

Chemists at M‐Pro7 studied the bonds between the copper and carbon fouling and found that the layers attach to bore steel differently than previously thought 
in the industry. As a result, they developed a non-toxic 
chemistry that not only succeeds in removing copper fouling faster, but more thoroughly than traditional methods.  M‐Pro7 Copper Remover does not etch copper fouling in the same way as ammonia based chemistries.

M-Pro7 Copper Remover’s technology attacks the edges of the copper fouling in a barrel and penetrates underneath the layers. This methodology is lifting and removing copper fouling entire layers at a time, rather than etching a small portion of the copper.  Consequently, the copper fouling comes out as a copper colored sludge. The chemists also addressed the other limitations of traditional copper fouling removal.

The new M‐Pro7 Copper Remover technology is odourless and non‐hazardous for safe use. The new technology is also completely safe on bore steel and leaves no hydrophilic crystals. If allowed to dry, the Copper Remover leaves a protective film that is very effective for short‐term corrosion protection.

  • Up to 4x faster than ammonia-based cleaners *
  • Improves accuracy and reliability
  • Dissolves copper fouling
  • Conditions to reduce future fouling
  • Safe on bore steel (for use inside bore only)
  • Ammonia and odor free

* when used properly with M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner

Note: One perceived drawback to M‐Pro7 Copper Remover is that there is no visual indicator that the copper fouling is being removed. Ammonia based products turn the copper fouling blue so you can see the results on the patch. Unfortunately, this visual indicator can be very misleading. As mentioned before, copper and carbon fouling are deposited in the bore in layers. Most ammonia based products have very little effect on carbon. If the carbon layer is covering the copper layer, the patch may come out completely white giving the false appearance that the bore is completely free of fouling when in fact it may contain a great deal of copper fouling. The only way of truly verifying that the bore is free of copper fouling is visual inspection. A bore scope is the best way to insure that your bore is carbon and copper fouling free.

All M-Pro7 gun cleaning products are odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable and can be commercially transported world-wide. 

For professionals who want to spend more time training and less time cleaning.

Please click the below link for the M-Pro7 Weapons Maintenance Guide

M-Pro7 Weapons Maintenance Guide Link


Available sizes:

M-Pro7 Copper Remover, 4 fl oz (120ml) 

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