Victor Company Atlas Tension Wrench – Locking Lever for Atlas Bipods

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The Atlas Bipod is the best competition bipod on the market today. It’s lightweight design and infinitely adjustable legs make it the go-to support for precision rifle shooters.

However there is one drawback for competitive shooters: the dreaded tension knob.

The Atlas tension knob was designed to adjust with your fingers to allow a smooth pan and tilt, and it works… but after numerous shots it can loosen up.

Now we have a solution… the Atlas Tension Wrench.

The ATW allows you to put the exact amount of friction you want on your tension knob and it won’t come loose.

Just slip the ATW over the tension knob and with three fingers, turn the tension knob counter-clockwise to loosen then smoothly turn it clockwise to tighten. Make your movements even and slow, no need to yank or force the knob. Do not over tighten.

Note: This will only fit genuine Atlas bipods.

Available in Black or El Chapo Gold



Atlas Tension Knobs have had different shapes over the years. Pattern ONE features five lugs with a shallow relief cut in between. These knobs were used in the older BT10 V7 Atlas bipods.  (circa 2009-2015)

Pattern TWO also has five lugs but with deeper recess cuts to allow a better grip. These are seen on many of the BT-10 V8 Atlas bipods from 2015-2017.

Pattern THREE is the current (2017-Present) Atlas tension knob. It features four large lugs and is found on the BT46 PSR as well as the V8 bipods.

How tight is too tight?

The Atlas bipod is one of the toughest pieces of gear on the market, but it’s not unbreakable. The Atlas wasn’t designed to have a large wrench crank down on the tension screw with great force. Yes you can break your Atlas if pushed too far. This is why we insist on only tightening with three fingers, smoothly turning until snug. Please don’t force it, it’s unnecessary.


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Black, Gold


Pattern One, Pattern Three, Pattern Two


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