Aluminium Buttstock Pillars for the ATP Cheekrest to suit Tikka T3 / T3x Synthetic Stock

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Aluminium Buttstock Pillars for the ATP Cheekrest

Suits Tikka T3 Synthetic (hollow) stocks

To fit the following Tikka T3 / T3x models: Lite, Lite Stainless, Lite Adjustable, Varmint, Varmint Stainless, Super Varmint, Battue Lite, Tac and CTR.

Installing an adjustable cheekrest on a hollow stock is not as simple as a wooden or other solid stock.

As there is no internal support, tightening the cheekrest bolts too much can lead to unsightly bowing of the buttstock, not tightening it enough can make the cheekrest slip.

A solution is the installation of aluminium pillars inside the buttstock which adds the internal support to resist bowing and ensures that the cheekrest does not change position.

Installation is simple, just remove the recoil pad and slip the pillars inside the hollow of the buttstock, the ATP cheekrest bolts go through the pillars, the shortest pillar is for the front cheekrest bolt and the longest pillar is for the rear.

Note: Although these pillars have been cut specifically for the Synthetic Tikka T3 / T3x stocks, they still may require trimming depending on where the cheekrest is mounted. This is easily accomplished with a file.

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