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For when you need to cancel out all sound, the Napier Pro10 Max3 protective head wear could be the right solution for you. These headphones are ideal if you use a full bore rifle or range shooters. These headphones are full of features, including an extended headband to ensure it fits comfortably on your head.

With unrivaled comfort and high performance the Max 3 uses the same technology as the hugely successful Pro 9 and offers 3 times more protection from damaging sound.

The Napier Pro 10 Max 3 Hearing Protection noise cancelling ear defenders feature a patented noise cancelling technology that works without batteries, electronics, valves, or any moving part. The unique patented sound chamber technology, directs damaging sounds away from the ear canal, where they are dampened, refracted and cancelled.

The effect gives amazingly clear, low level sounds such as speech, but with highly efficient protection from damaging noise levels such as gunfire with over 44 Decibels of noise reduction. The soft comfortable and replaceable ear cuffs seal at the ear but are not inserted into the ear canal, which is ideal for those who do not like having traditional ear plugs inserted.

The lightweight unit is barely noticeable when worn and can therefore be used for long periods without discomfort, vitally important when used by instructors, students, beaters, trappers etc. Normal conversation is possible whilst wearing the Pro 10 and it is slim with no profile below the ear, making it vastly more suited to shotgun mounting than any type of ear muff. The unit is remarkably light at just 52 grams and it can be folded and carried in a shirt pocket. It is also completely weatherproof.

Pro 10 Max 3 Hearing Protection by Napier:

  • Weighs 52g
  • Adjustable headband
  • Over 44 decibels of noise reduction
  • Available in Green
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