D-Lead Lead Decontamination Respirator Cleaner and Laundry Detergent

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Toxic heavy metals like lead oxide, mercury, cadmium and others are present in many every day products and on surfaces found in your home, school, workplace or even in the soil of your own back yard. These toxic compounds can place the health and well being of your family at risk!

Lead dust comes from handling firearms, reloading ammunition, firing range sports and home products such as toys, plastics, ceramics, gardening, old paint removal, home renovation, anywhere or from anything where lead is an ingredient or is present. Lead dust sticks to skin differently than dirt and germs and are easily deposited on door handles, refrigerator handles, steering wheels, kitchen tables, toys and many things that a child might touch. Even invisible quantities of lead dust are dangerous to children at home.

Regular soap and hand sanitizers have been found to be ineffective when removing lead or heavy metals and may in some cases aid the absorption of heavy metals into your body! 

D-Lead Respirator and Laundry Detergent is a concentrated, low-sudsing, phosphate free liquid detergent that lifts and suspends the widest range of metal contaminants, dirt, grease, grime and tough stains.

D-Lead Respirator and Laundry Detergent has the special ability to release metal particles from fabrics during the wash cycle. Concentrated cleaning agents, water softeners, whiteners and special brightening additives offer complete and vigorous one-step cleaning, thorough water softening, colour safe brightening and effective metal decontamination.

The diluted product can be used for work shirts, pants, aprons, lab coats, gloves, towels and all work apparel.


 Available in:

  • 5 Litre Bottle (not for use on firearms)



Weight 6.0 kg

5 Litre Bottle


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