Quake Extra Large H Shaped Shooting Bag Front Rest – Unfilled #91007-7

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Rock Solid by Quake, X-Large H style Shooting rest comes unfilled but is easy to fill with sand, plastic BB’s, rubber regrind, or plastic fill beads. This style helps support a wide variety of rifles and shotguns for increased accuracy. Comes with two grab handles for easy transportation and two side pouches to store gear or spent casings.

Note: This bag is shipped unfilled. 

Non-slip rubberised fabric on the underside.
Durable and water resistant. Stay tough even after years of use, perfect for outdoor activities in extreme environments.
Integrated carrying strap for easy transport.
Non slip rubber fabric on bottom.
YKK® Zipper.
Helps every shooter be more accurate.
Two grab handles for easy transportation
Two side pouches to store gear or spent casings


Approximately 11″L x 12″W x 11″H


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