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The vision standard buttstock is by far the most adjustable buttstock on the market.

The cheekrest is easily adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

Contrary to most of the market the bagrider is easily adjustable vertically.

The shoulder rest is easily adjustable in both length of pull and height, both north and south of the zero position by the push of a button.

On both sides in the rear of the buttstock there are QD-locks.

As of this moment there are no other buttstocks that come close to the adjustability of the vision buttstock, and the buttstock are constantly upgraded with new features.

As with all of our products this comes with black stainless steel torx screws so you don’t have to worry about corrosion.

This buttstock will only fit the Vision Chassis.

Made in Norway by Vision & Design

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for Vision & Design. All Vision & Design products bought from ATP are covered by the Australian Vision & Design Warranty.

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