Ulfhednar “Deadlock” Universal Tripod Saddle Mount, Stock/Chassis Clamp #UHDLOCK

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Ulfednar develop equipment, clothing and accessories for hunting, PRS, long range and other field shooting and are the largest supplier for shooting sports in Norway.​ Ulfhednar use the best materials for their products  which are made for hard use in the Arctic climate.

The Ulfhednar “Deadlock” is a heavy duty universal tripod saddle mount that clamps onto your rifle so that you can attach it to a tripod. Great for standing/kneeling shots and PRS matches.

Fits all types of rifles and is compatible with almost all tripods. Standard 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 mounts for direct mounting to tripods, ballheads and panheads. Quick to manoeuvre, the saddle grips from both sides. Rubberized grip flap, provides protection and helps absorb vibrations. Large adjustment knob makes the clamp easy to adjust with one hand.

Includes carrying pouch/bag.

Note: Tripod in photos not included.

Designed, produced and assembled in Norway!

Weight: 500 grams. Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 60 mm  (with knob wheel + 25 mm)

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for Ulfednar. All Ulfednar products bought from ATP are covered by Ulfednar’s Australian Warranty.

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