Ulfhednar Rear Support PRS Shooting Bag Rest “Brick” #UH101

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Ulfednar develop equipment, clothing and accessories for hunting, PRS, long range and other field shooting and are the largest supplier for shooting sports in Norway.​ Ulfhednar use the best materials for their products  which are made for hard use in the Arctic climate.

The “Brick” is a versatile PRS rear support bag that can be used in 3 ways for 3 different heights. Can build up about 7, 10 and 13 cm depending on how it is used. Made of sturdy Cordura® and comes filled with plastic granules.

Covered with non-slip Top-grip (R) rubber on the underside, it also has a loop for attachment to a carabiner hook. The strap around the upper part allows the support bag to be mounted under the butt of the rifle. Especially applicable when shooting from a barrier.

Size approx. 7x10x13 cm.


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