Horus Vision ASLI (Angle Slope Level Indicator) Cosine Indicator and Cant Bubble Level – DISCONTINUED

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The ASLI gives the sophisticated marksman a slope indicator and cant indicator in one hermetically sealed unit. Its slope indicator eliminates guesswork in uphill and downhill shots by helping you find true level/ground distance: simply multiply the range to the target by the cosine value shown on the slope indicator. The cant indicator is invaluable in long-distance shooting: it helps keep bullet flight true to your sighted aim. The ASLI attaches directly to your scope, is reversible to accommodate left and right handed users, doesn’t need batteries, and comes with a hard rubber cap. Fine-tune your aim with the ASLI.

  • Magnetically dampened to quickly halt oscillation for fast readings
  • Clear, large numbers for better visibility in low light
  • Readings in both vertical angle degrees and its corresponding cosine value
  • Versatile mounting for left, right, bubble up or upside down, and high angle grenade launching
  • Easy to paint plastic housing to blend ASLI into your scope and gun
  • Tested to withstand the repeated G-shock pounding of a 50cal BMG
  • Fits a 34mm Scope tube and includes 30mm inserts

The ASLI precisely measures the Angle of Fire in uphill and downhill shooting. It gives you the information you need to accurately calculate holdover for gravitational bullet drop, assuring a first round hit. Without this measurement, the rifleman cannot correctly calculate gravitational adjustment. And at ranges greater than 400 yards, that means missed shots! Simply put, if you don’t calculate and compensate, you miss. The ASLI also helps eliminate Cant errors. It indicates whether your rifle is positioned perpendicular to the earth. At ranges past 400 yards, the slightest tilt leads to left/right bullet drift and missed shots! The ASLI is an essential tool for the professional rifleman.

According to the Marine Corps Sniper Manual, compensating for CANT is critical to accurate long-distance shooting: At 1000 yards, 6 degrees of CANT (visualized as 1 minute on the face of a wristwatch) moves the bullet strike 55 inches from point of aim.

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