Ulfhednar Picatinny Rail Mounted Folding Anti Cant Scope Bubble Level w/D.O.P.E. card #UH355

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According to the Marine Corps Sniper Manual, compensating for CANT is critical to accurate long-distance shooting: At 1000 yards, 6 degrees of CANT (visualized as 1 minute on the face of a wristwatch) moves the bullet strike 55 inches from point of aim.

Weekend shooters who find varmints a challenge at several hundred yards are no less immune to CANT: 6 degrees of CANT at 100 yards gives the critters a new lease on life by a full ½ inch.

Keeping your rifle in the same position after every shot is essential for accuracy, the Anti Cant Device aids the shooter in keeping the rifle from canting during repetitive shots.

Sidemounted Bubble Level and DOPE Card Holder for Picatinny rails. Made of high quality 7075 aluminum. Anodized in black. Stainless steel screws. Made in Norway by Vision & Design. Two white cards are included.

It can also be mounted on Spuhr rings with the Ulfhednar Spuhr adapter (not included).


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