Nightforce NX8 4-32×50 Rifle Scope F2 SFP MRAD Illuminated MIL-CF2D Reticle #C640

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NX8™ 4-32×50 F2

The NX8 4-32×50 builds upon the rugged, reliable, and repeatable legacy our NXS line built over more than 20 years.  Despite the compact size, the NX8 F2 riflescopes feature Nightforce’s ZeroStop turret, Digillum reticle illumination, power throw lever, and several new purpose-built F2 reticles.  The optical system uses ED lenses to allow for great optical quality in a system with an 8x zoom ratio and short overall length.  The new MIL-CF2D reticle feature a dual scale calibration and provide users with an open center with dot and intuitive numbering of subtensions for a clear view of the target and fast holds anywhere in the reticle.  The Dual Scale reticle scale system uses reticle numbering at both 16x and 32x and a calibrated mark on the power change ring to allow for accurate subtensions and a wide field of view or maximum detail.  For hunters or shooters who prefer a reticle in the second focal plane that stays consistent in size throughout the magnification range, the Nightforce NX8 F2 scopes will take your capabilities to a whole new level.

MIL-CF2D F2 Reticle

The 0.05 MRAD floating center dot, 0.2 MRAD subtensions, and numbers at every other Mil-Radian ensure fast reference whether shooting in the center or holding for elevation or wind. A reticle scale that nearly fills the field of view and finer line widths provide a clear view of the target anywhere in the reticle. The Mil-CF2D, available only in the 4-32×50 F2, is marked with a dual reticle scale for correct subtensions at 16x and 32x. The power change ring of the scope is marked with a small, calibrated dot that corresponds to the 16x reticle scale. This allows the user to choose between maximum detail or a larger field of view without sacrificing the ability to hold for wind or elevation.



Magnification Range 4-32x
Focal PlaneSecond  Focal Plane (F2/SFP)
Body Tube Diameter 30mm
Overall Length 13.5 in/343 mm
Mounting Length 5.7 in/145 mm
Weight 28.9 oz/819 g
Click Value .1 MRAD
Internal Adjustment Range E: 26 MRAD
W: 20 MRAD
Parallax Adjustment 11 yd–∞
Eye Relief 3.5 in/88 mm
Field of View @ 100 yd/m 4x: 26.1 ft/8.7 m
32x: 4.6 ft/1.5 m
Exit Pupil 4x: 6.7 mm
32x: 1.6 mm
Illumination Digillum
Elevation Feature Zerostop
Power Throw Lever Standard

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