Nightforce Standard Duty Picatinny Rail Scope Base – 20 MOA

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Nightforce Standard Duty bases are a quality, affordable solution for ensuring that your scope is firmly mounted to your rifle.  These aluminum bases are machined to Mil. Std. 1913 rail specifications and hard anodized.

All these rails are 20 MOA, please see our other listings for the 0 MOA versions.

Short Action (SA), Long Action (LA)

NOTE: If you prefer to buy Australian Made, we also manufacture our own scope rails for the Howa 1500, Howa Mini, Howa M1100, Tikka T1x, Tikka T3/T3x, Tikka M55, Marlin 1895/336, Marlin XT-17/XT-22, Remington 700/Bergara B14, Remington 7600/7615 and Savage 93/MkII. Available at the following link:

Available for:

Part no. Action
A307 Browning A-Bolt SA 1913 Mil-Std
A309 Browning A-Bolt LA 1913 Mil-Std
A316 Howa 1500 & Weatherby Vanguard SA 1913 Mil-Std
A318 Howa 1500 & Weatherby Vanguard LA 1913 Mil-Std
A322 Kimber 84 SA 1913 Mil-Std
A320 Kimber 8400 SA 1913 Mil-Std
A355 Mauser 98 Large Ring – 1913 Mil-Std
A314 NEF/HNR Handi Rifle 1913 Mil-Std
A293 Remington 700 SA 1913 Mil-Std
A295 Remington 700 LA 1913 Mil-Std
A326 Remington XP/XR 100, Model 7, 3-hole SA 1913 Mil-Std
A327 Remington XP/XR 100, Model 7, 4-hole SA 1913 Mil-Std
A324 Ruger American SA 1913 Mil-Std
A325 Ruger American LA 1913 Mil-Std
A313 Ruger 10-22 1913 Mil-Std
A296 Savage Round Back SA 1913 Mil-Std
A297 Savage Round Back F-Class 3″ Ext SA 1913 Mil-Std  w/ Ejection Port
A298 Savage Round Back F-Class 3″ Ext SA 1913 Mil-Std  Single Load
A300 Savage Round Back LA 1913 Mil-Std 20 MOA
A330 Savage Flat Back SA 1913 Mil-Std
A331 Savage Flat Back Medium 1913 Mil-Std
A332 Savage Flat Back LA 1913 Mil-Std
A301 Savage Mk II (1-3/8″ Ejection Port) 1913 Mil-Std
A302 Savage 93 (1-5/8″ Ejection Port) 1913 Mil-Std 20 MOA
A352 T/C Contender 1913 Mil-Std
A354 T/C Encore 1913 Mil-Std
A311 Tikka T3 and T3x 1913 Mil-Std
A344 Tikka 595 1913 Mil-Std
A346 Weatherby Mk V LA 1913 Mil-Std
A347 Weatherby Mk V TRR 1913 Mil-Std
A342 Winchester 52 Target (Kimber 82C/82G, Anschutz 64, Rem 37) 1913 Mil-Std
A303 Winchester 70 SA 1913 Mil-Std
A304 Winchester 70 (Pre64) STD/LA 1913 Mil-Std
A305 Winchester 70 WSM 1913 Mil-Std

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for Nightforce. All Nightforce products bought from ATP are covered by the Australian Nightforce warranty.

Weight 0.101 kg

Browning A-Bolt SA, Browning A-Bolt LA, Howa 1500 & Wby Vanguard SA, Howa 1500 & Wby Vanguard LA, Kimber 84 SA, Kimber 8400 SA, Mauser 98 Large Ring -, NEF/HNR Handi Rifle, Rem 700 SA, Rem 700 LA, Rem XP/XR 100, Model 7 3-hole SA, Rem XP/XR 100, Model 7 4-hole SA, Ruger American SA, Ruger American LA, Ruger 10-22, Sav Round SA, Sav Round F-Class 3" Ext SA w/ Ejection Port, Sav Round F-Class 3" Ext SA Single Load, Sav Round LA, Sav Flat SA, Sav Flat Medium, Sav Flat LA, Sav Mk II (1-3/8" Ejection Port), Sav 93 (1-5/8" Ejection Port), T/C Contender, T/C Encore, Tikka T3 and T3x, Tikka 595, Weatherby Mk V LA, Weatherby Mk V TRR, Win 52 Target (Kimber 82C/82G, Anschutz 64, Rem 37), Win 70 SA, Win 70 (Pre64) STD/LA, Win 70 WSM


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