EGW Ammo Chamber Checker Case Gauge – Pistol

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Our Case Gauge Ammo Checkers are machined from solid 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum.

While some companies use boring bars to make chamber checkers, we use the actual Clymer reamers that are used to chamber barrels.

Anodized matte black for durability.

Measures min case diameter.

Measures max overall length.



9mm Oversized (70111-OS): The throat is cut .050″ deeper to allow for clearance for larger ogive bullets or coated bullets. We have had customers experience issues where their ammunition would not seat flush due to larger ogive bullets or coatings on the bullets. The rest of the case checked fine, but the bullet made contact with the throat of the checker causing it to sit proud of the checker. Made for: Large Ogive Bullets, Plated Bullets, Coated Bullets


ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for EGW. All EGW products bought from ATP are covered by EGW’s Australian Warranty.

Weight 0.3 kg

4 Caliber Auto (9mm, 40 S&W, 45 & 38 calibers), 9 mm 7-hole, 9 mm Major 7-hole, 38 Super 7-hole, 357 Magnum 7-hole, 357 Sig 7-hole, 40 S&W 7-hole, 10mm 7-hole, 45 ACP 7-hole, 380 7-hole, .44 Mag 7-Hole, 45 Long Colt 7-hole, Cowboy (357, 44-40, 44 Mag, .45 Long Colt), 9 mm 50-hole, 357 Mag 50-Hole..(works for .38 Special), 40 S&W 50-hole, 10mm 50-hole, 45 ACP 50-hole, 380 50-hole, 44 Mag 50-hole, 45 Long Colt 50-hole, 9 mm Oversize 50-hole


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