Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Gauge

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Achieve precise bullet seating depth

One of the best kept secrets in accurate reloading is precise bullet seating depth. Regulating seating depth and the resulting “jump” to the rifling is widely regarded as fundamental to improved accuracy. A few thousandths of an inch change between the bullet and the rifling can make the difference between so-so accuracy and real tack-driver performance. The Lock-N-Load® O.A.L Gauge is universally acclaimed as the most accurate, easy-to-use and reliable method of obtaining that critical relationship.

To use the Lock-N-Load® O.A.L Gauge, you will need a Modified Case (sold separately) to fit your firearm’s chamber and thread it onto the gauge. Hornady® offers interchangeable modified cases in most common sizes from .17 Remington up to and including 500 Nitro. These specially prepared modified cases are threaded at the case-head and have a .002″ oversized neck to accept the same bullets you intend to load. This is critical, as the Lock-N-Load® O.A.L Gauge dimensions obtained will be accurate to .001″ These results cannot be attained with competitive products, which use a simulated bullet with an arbitrary shape.

There are two different models of OAL Gauge tools available or any firearm with straight-line access to the chamber. Straight is designed specifically for bolt-action rifles and single shot rifles. The Curved  model is designed for autoloaders and lever actions. Both models utilize the same modified cases. This tool is excellent for periodically checking the throat erosion of a rifle barrel. Great for checking out used rifles.

Available variants:

  • OAL Gauge Straight #C1000
  • OAL Gauge Curved #C1550
Weight 0.3 kg

Curved #C1550, Straight #C1000


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