Redding Competition BR-30 Powder Measure Thrower #03300

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Competition BR-30: Designed specifically for Benchrest Competition

The Competition BR-30 powder measure was our first truly “Competition” model optimized for Benchrest cartridges at approx. 30 grains (hence the name BR-30).

The engineering task required the creation of an entirely new drum and metering unit. This spawned the development of our unique hemispherical metering chamber resembling the bottom of a test tube. Now used on all “Competition” powder measures this design was responsible for the extraordinary accuracy and repeatability of the BR-30.

If you are a serious competitive shooter or varmint hunter and your loading requirements are generally between 10 and 50 grains . . . this is certainly the measure to choose.

IMPORTANT: Redding Powder Measures are not intended for use with Black Powder!
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