Derraco PCPS Precision Priming Die – Reloading Press Mounted Priming Tool

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Reloading Press Mounted Priming Tool made by the company that makes the Ugly Annealer.

Compatible with any reloading press that accommodates 7/8-14 reloading dies and standard T-shaped shell holders. Regardless of the price tag of your reloading press, it will consistently deliver high-precision results thanks to the micrometer hard stop. One shell holder-shaped anvil is included.

Designed to use LEE flat-type Auto Prime shell holders or Derraco Shell Holders (Shell holders not included)

Please see the following link to the Lee Auto Prime Shell Holder set and the Derraco Shell Holders:

8mm diameter tube hole accepts “7.92mm standard” priming tubes. Compatibility with most primer tubes available on the market. Eg Hornady, RCBS, MCJ, Double Alpha tubes. Dillon tubes will require a small modification of drilling a clip hole to work on PCPS. Please note that PCPS DOES NOT come with primer tubes.

The shutter bar is spring-loaded. Press & Prime within 1 second. 100% effortless and say goodbye to sore hands.

The Detent Micrometer on the PCPS provides precise adjustments with clickings at 0.01mm per increment, roughly equivalent to half a thousandth per increment. This feature simplifies priming depth adjustments, offering ease and accuracy in the adjustment process.

Great tool for F-Class shooters and for people who wish to do effortless high-volume priming. It is a revolutionary priming tool. Pat Pending.

The lower Part was CNC turned and milled from 303 Stainless steel, Upper parts were CNC milled from USA sourced Kaiser Aircraft-grade T6 aluminum alloy with Type III hard anodic coatings. 

Note: Primer tube and shell holder in photos not included.

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