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Every reloader has done it at least once in their reloading career. The Redding Stuck Case Remover is a handy tool that will easily remove the most stubborn stuck case from a die without damaging the die in the process.


  • Kit is used when a cartridge case becomes stuck in a sizing die, usually resulting in the rim of the case becoming damaged.
  • A hole is drilled through the primer pocket of the case using the supplied drill bit. Then the hole is tapped.
  • Spacer is placed over hole. Spacer will contact sides of the die and the die lock ring.
  • By running the bolt through the spacer and threading the bolt into the now-threaded cartridge case, the Allen wrench is used to tighten the bolt.
  • This will usually pull the cartridge case out of the die.
  • Kit is effective, but if the case is severely jammed into the die, it is possible to pull the base of the case off without removing all of it.
  • Check that if the case is pulled out, all of it is removed from the die.
  • Kit is reusable.
  • If a case becomes stuck because of not enough case lube, rather than no case lube, by letting the stuck case sit in the die for an hour or so, the lube will sometimes flow around the case and release it.

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