Accu-shot Accuracy International AT (ASAIAT) Monopod with Quick Knob BT57-QK

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The first of its kind, the patented Accu-Shot Precision Monopod is the clear choice for marksman seeking the best means to insure the highest degree of accuracy whether at the range, in the field, or behind enemy lines. Law Enforcement, Military and Civilians alike rely on its precise adjustability and hard core durability to get the job done.

The BT57-QK Accu-Shot Accuracy International AT (ASAIAT) Monopod is designed specifically to fit the Accuracy International Accuracy Tactical Rifle (AT) and Accuracy Tactical Accuracy International Chassis Systems (ATAICS) Also Known as the Gen. 2 stocks (Use the BT08-ASAI Monopod for the “legacy” Gen 1 stock)

This monopod attaches to the butthook area of the Gen 2 AI rifle and folds up and retracts out of the way when not in use, no tools are required.

The metal Quick Knob (QK) offers fine elevation adjustments and provides for a quick vertical height adjustment at the push of a button. It has a spring loaded button that when depressed allows the operator to slide the knob up or down on the Actuator Rod quickly into the desired sight picture. When the button is released, the fine threads are re-engaged and the operator can make the final adjustments by rotating the knob.

  • Black
  • Made in the USA
  • Standard height ATAICS (Gen 2) Mount with QK01 Quick Knob. Elevation Range 76mm to 105mm.
  • Comes with long mounting bolt as pictured

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for B&T Industries (manufacturer of Accu-Shot and Atlas Bipod products). All Accu-Shot/Atlas products bought from ATP are covered by the Australian Accu-Shot/Atlas warranty.

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