Long Shot Precision, Adjustable Bag Rider (ABR) Universal Rail Mounted

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The Adjustable Bag Rider (ABR) is made and assembled in the USA. Made out of the highest quality American aluminum, CNC made and anodized for superior wear resistance, the ABR is made to last and weighs less than a pound (most models). The custom dowels come in either hardened alloy steel or Stainless Steel and ride in linear bearings for consistent smooth operation. A custom-designed SS thumb wheel rides in two Delrin thrust washers that are known for their strength and creep resistance, this adjusts the height of the stock without the shooter having to take his or her eyes off the site picture. The ABR replaces the need for expensive, heavy, and bulky adjustable front rests and wobbly monopods. Installation is simple, quick, and you never need to remove it.

Say goodbye to the mound of the expensive and heavy equipment you take to the range. Whether you plan to go to the bench or want to take a shot in the field you are guaranteed to have previously unattainable stability and micro-adjustment with you at all times!


The Universal Rail Mounted ABR (Patent Pending) has been designed to mount directly to the lower picatinny rail with the supplied clamp and bolts. It provides the same functionality as the other ABRs with .910” of travel. Made in the USA from American 6061 Alum and finished with Class II Anodizing they are 12.6oz including the clamp and bolts. The unit is 2.25” tall when closed.

The Universal Rail Mounted ABR top section is the same for all. Only the dowel lengths are different (long front, long rear, or both short) and the dowel material type (standard or hardened).

The bottom section (ELR) is only 0.5″ tall and is made for Protektor branded ELR bags or other bags with very low ears (ABR lower measures 0.850″ wide).   The ELR bottom has a wider base for competitive shooting in which a rear bag is not permitted.

Hardened or Standard Dowels:

  • .338 and smaller calibers will use the Standard Dowels

  • .33XC and larger needs the Hardened Dowels

Direct Bolt on Applications and the Dowel Length version which will fit it.

  • Accuracy International -Length Of Pull (LOP) To maximize space behind the grip the longer dowel will either be in Front of the ABR or in-between the stock and recoil plate in the Back of the ABR – See below:
    • AIAX – LOP closed or 1 click out (Long-Front) dowel (closed it is not recommended)

    • AIAX – LOP open 2 clicks (or more) (Long-Back) dowel

    • AXMC – LOP closed or 1 click out (Long-Front)  dowel (closed it is not recommended)

    • AXMC – LOP open 2 clicks (or more) (Long-Back) dowel

    • AXSR – LOP closed to the #6 (Long-Front) dowel

    • AXSR – LOP =#7 or more (Long-Back) dowel

    • AT-X – may require a more vertical grip (Long-Front) dowel

  • SCAR 20S – requires the (Long-Front) dowel

  • HM1000x – Air rifle will require the (Long-Front) dowel

  • FN Ballista will require the (Long-Front) dowel

  • Unique Alpine TPG-3 – will require the (Long-Front) dowel

  • Steyr SSG M1(Long-Front) dowel

  • Victrix Challenge – you will also need the picatinny rail from Victrix (Long-Front) dowel

  • KRG WHISKEY-3 – you will also need the picatinny rail from KRG (Long-Front) dowel

  • Sako TRG M10 – either the (Long-Back) dowel or (Both-Short) dowels depending on your LOP

  • AB Arms rear stock(Long-Front) dowel

  • Daystate Alpha Wolf – requires (Both-Short) dowels (unless you are willing to drill a hole for a longer dowel)

  • MDT XRS – you will also need the ATP XRS buttstock picatinny rail (Both-Short) dowel
  • Both Short dowels – will mount below any surface as the pic rail is the highest part = .680” travel

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for Long Shot Precision. All Long Shot Precision products bought from ATP are covered by the Australian Long Shot Precision Warranty.

Weight 0.501 kg

Both Short – ELR Bottom, Long Back – ELR Bottom, Long Front – ELR Bottom

Dowel Type

Hardened, Standard


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