ATP Butt Stock Spacer for Tikka T3 and T3X

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To fit the following Tikka T3 and T3X models: Lite, Lite Stainless, Lite Adjustable, Varmint, Varmint Stainless, Super Varmint, Battue Lite, Tac and CTR. Will NOT fit the TAC-A1.

Note: This is a flat spacer designed to fit Tikka T3 stocks fitted with Limbsaver recoil pads (as they have a flat mounting plate). It fits standard/original Tikka T3 recoil pads but will have a 2mm gap between the spacer and the recoil pad due to the standard pad having a stepped mounting plate.

Proper eye relief is crucial to rapid target acquisition and accuracy. The firearm needs to fit you, not vice-versa. With the proper length of pull you will have better site acquisition, comfort, control and accuracy.

To measure your length of pull you should place the recoil pad against your bicep with the stock and forearm running parallel, measure from the pad of your index finger to the inside of your bicep. The correct LOP would place the finger comfortably on the trigger, it is important to make sure your index finger is in the position as if you were shooting the firearm.

  • CNC machined from 4.5mm black acrylic. (note: as this is machined, it will have some minor tooling marks)
  • No screws included, just use the standard recoil pad screws.
  • Can be stacked with more spacers to meet your required length of pull.
  • Installation is simple, just remove the recoil pad and slip the spacers between the stock and the recoil pad. 
  • Made in Australia
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