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The MDT ORYX Sportsman Chassis was designed to be the best aftermarket approach to shooting a precision rifle. The V-shaped bedding and free floated forend was engineered to improve accuracy and ergonomics. This solid aluminum chassis excels in performance over your factory stock to maximize your rifle’s capabilities. When you get behind this chassis and take up a sight picture you will feel a more solid connection between you and your rifle.
The adjustable buttstock allows you to tailor a much better fit for accuracy and speed when getting behind your scope.

It takes AR15 grips, ARCA rails, M-Lok accessories and has customizable colors. It’s designed as an excellent upgrade for shooting matches, hog or coyote hunting, or anyone interested in getting into long-range shooting.

NOTE: Includes pistol grip and buttstock. Magazine not included.

Select your rifle variant from the drop down list. SA is Short Action, LA is Long Action. RH is for Right Handed, LH is for Left Handed.


Don’t forget to check out our ATP Limbsaver Recoil Pad and Adaptor for the MDT chassis/buttstocks at the following link, one of the best upgrades you can have for shooting comfort:

Bolt on M-LOK slots for the sides panels are also available:

We have also made some ARCA rails specifically for the Oryx, short and full length available:

And our ATP Bag Riders for the Oryx chassis that has an M-LOK slot on the underside of the butt:

We also have ATP Bag Riders which will fit the Oryx chassis that doesn’t have the M-LOK slot on the underside of the butt:


Magazines are available here:

M-LOK accessories are available here:


Free Floating Barrel.

We let the bore do the chore. The ORYX keeps your barrel free of any contact with the chassis components for greater consistency.

Solid Action Interface.

Each ORYX is designed for your specific rifle model – holding your action solid for better accuracy.

Integrated Rifle Stock

From the forend to the buttpad – ORYX is one piece of aircraft grade aluminium. Solid. Straight.

Contoured Forend Grip

You always have your hands on your rifle – why not make it feel perfect when you hold it? The ORYX fits great in your hands and sits solid on barricades and platforms. And for those cold days in the woods or when things heat up at the range the ORYX polymer side panels keep your hand’s comfortable no matter the conditions.

Adjustable Cheek Riser

Comfort and positioning were top of mind when we developed our butt stock. Plus our adjustable cheek riser gets you the perfect cheek weld, for the perfect shot.

Overmolded Pistol Grip

Tested and designed to fit hands of all sizes and shapes the pistol grip has swells and contours to provide flexibility in hand placement.

Durable Buttpad

The rubber overmolded buttpad comes with one 0.25″ spacer (installed) to adjust length of pull.


  • Rimfire models use factory magazines
  • Savage Axis Long Action & Tikka T3x Long Action use 3.560 length magazines
  • Mossberg MVP .223/.308 use AR magazines
  • Howa Mini & Youth use factory magazines
  • Howa 1500 Short Action / Weatherby Vanguard Short Action inlets use polymer magazines
  • Lithgow 102 Short Action – You will need to remove the original magazine release housing and the housing locating dowel pin to install, as well as re-use the existing recoil lug from your stock. For .223 models the bolt stop may be too long. This can easily be modified by removing the bolt stop and trimming the contact face.


  • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • LOP: 13 – 13.5″ (Additional LOP can be achieved with our spacer kit)
  • Material: 6061
  • Finish: MIL Spec Type III hard anodize
  • Accepts AR-15 Grips (included)
  • M-LOK pattern slots along underside of forend
  • Uses AICS pattern magazines
  • Free floating barrel
  • Maximum barrel diameter of 1.250″

Magazine Compatibility

Howa LA – 3.715″ magazine
Howa LA 3.850 – 3.850″ CIP magazine
Howa Mini – Factory magazine
Howa 1500 SA – SA AICS magazine
Mossberg MVP 223/208 – Use AR mags
Remington 700 SA – SA AICS magazine
Remington 700 LA – 3.715″ magazine
Remington 783 SA – SA AICS magazine
Ruger American SA – SA AICS magazine
Savage Axis SA – SA AICS magazine
Savage Axis LA – 3.560″ AICS magazine
Savage SA – SA AICS magazine
Savage LA – 3.715″ AICS magazine
Tikka T3/T3x SA – SA AICS magazine
Tikka T3/T3x LA – 3.560″ AICS magazine
Tikka T1x – Factory magazine
Lithgow LA102 – SA AICS magazine


The MDT ORYX chassis is available to fit the following actions:

  • CZ 455 – Right Handed
  • CZ 457 – Right Handed
  • Howa 1500 & Weatherby Vanguard Short Action (SA) – Right Handed
  • Howa 1500 & Weatherby Vanguard Long Action (LA) – Right Handed
  • Howa 1500 & Weatherby Vanguard Long Action (LA) for 3.850″ CIP magazines – Right Handed
  • Howa Mini Action – Right Handed
  • Howa Mini Youth – Right Handed
  • Remington 700 Short Action – Right Handed
  • Remington 700 Short Action – Left Handed
  • Remington 700 Long Action – Right Handed
  • Remington Model 7 – Right Handed
  • Remington Model 783 Short Action (SA) – Right Handed
  • Ruger American Short Action – Right Handed
  • Ruger 10/22 – Right Handed
  • Savage Short Action – Right Handed
  • Savage Short Action – Left Handed
  • Savage Long Action – Right Handed
  • Savage Axis Short Action (SA) – Right Handed
  • Savage Axis Long Action (LA) – Right Handed
  • Savage Mark II – Right Handed
  • TC Compass SA – Right Handed
  • Tikka T3 & T3x Short Action – Right Handed
  • Tikka T3 & T3x Short Action – Left Handed
  • Tikka T3 & T3x Long Action – Right Handed
  • Mossberg MVP 223 – Right Handed
  • Mossberg MVP 308 – Right Handed
  • Mossberg Patriot Short Action (SA) – Right Handed
  • Mossberg Patriot Long Action (LA) – Right Handed
  • Lithgow LA102 Short Action (SA) – Right Handed (only available in ODG colour)

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for MDT. All MDT products bought from ATP are covered by the Australian MDT Warranty.

Weight 3.01 kg

CZ 455, RH, CZ 457, RH, Howa 1500 / Vanguard LA 3.850 – RH, Howa 1500/ Vanguard LA – RH, Howa 1500/ Vanguard SA – RH, Howa Mini – RH, Howa Mini Youth – RH, Lithgow LA102 SA – RH, Mossberg MVP 223 – RH, Mossberg MVP 308 – RH, Mossberg Patriot LA – RH, Mossberg Patriot SA – RH, Remington 700 LA – RH, Remington 700 SA – LH, Remington 700 SA – RH, Remington 783 SA – RH, Remington Model 7 – RH, Ruger 10/22 – RH, Ruger American SA – RH, Savage Axis LA – RH, Savage Axis SA – RH, Savage LA – RH, Savage MK II, RH, Savage SA – LH, Savage SA – RH, TC Compass SA – RH, Tikka T1x, RH, Tikka T3/T3x LA – RH, Tikka T3/T3x SA – LH, Tikka T3/T3x SA – RH


Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Olive Drab Green (ODG)


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