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With the knowledge and experience gathered from a lifetime of shooting and the last couple of decades of design and production, and after two years of development, the Spuhr® Ideal Chassis System™ (SICS™ – pronounced “six”) has now been released.

The SICS™ was designed around the concepts of modularity, stability, innovation, and quality.”

Integrating the Spuhr Interface™ into a chassis system allows the user to position accessories originally designed for the Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount System™ (ISMS™) at various positions on the rifle system, combined with an exchangeable handguard and bag rider, provides unsurpassed modularity. Machined from aircraft aluminum, with the sole synthetic parts being the rubberized pistol grip, cheek piece, and a Limbsaver® Airtech® recoil pad, the SICS™ offers an extremely rigid shooting platform. An innovative, and patented, quick-adjustable Length of Pull (LOP) allows the user to instantly adjust the LOP when shifting from one shooting position to another.

The SICS™ also features LOP Presets so that the user can tailor his maximum and minimum Length of Pull. Integrated into the standard 16-inch forend is an Arca Swiss® rail for use with bipods and tripods, but even this part of the chassis still accepts Spuhr Interface™ accessories. As always, quality has been a priority, where the SICS™ does not feature any sharp edges while featuring the same high quality black anodizing known from the Spuhr Hunting Series mounts and rings.

Select your rifle variant from the drop down list. SA is Short Action, LA is Long Action. Will fit Right Handed rifles only.


ATP NOTE: We will be working on an accessory that locks out the folding mechanism so that this chassis can be used in jurisdictions where folding stocks are prohibited. This will be released in 2024.

Magazines are available here:




A hard truth about marksmanship is that your equipment is only as good as it fits you. You can have the best of the best – if it doesn’t fit your physique or your shooting style, it is not helping you deliver your best performance. On the contrary, it will work against you. We don’t know about you, but here at Spuhr® we believe that everybody on your team should work together. This is why we started by addressing the issue of adjustability when we designed the SICS™ so you can get a perfect fit and maximum performance.

Pistol Grip

The SICS™ uses a proprietary pistol grip, designed to comfortably fit a wide range of hand sizes without creating tension during prolonged trigger engagement. The pistol grip is rubberized for a non-slip grip and can also be adjusted for length-of-pull.


The stock assembly allows for rapid tool-less length-of-pull (LOP) adjustment by pinching the LOP levers and moving the LOP Bar and Butt Plate Assembly to the desired position. The total span of rapid LOP adjustment is 50 mm (1.97”) but the Butt Plate Assembly can also be fitted with a spacer to further extend the LOP.

The LOP Bar can also be fitted with preset stops for minimum and maximum LOP, making it easy to quickly get into a proper firing stance/posi-tion with a minimum amount of motion.

Cheek Piece

The rubberized cheek piece can be adjusted for height and for lengthwise position. The height adjustment is easily made using a wing nut on the side of the cheek piece slide.
Lengthwise adjustment of the cheek piece position requires a Torx 20 key.

Butt Plate Height

The Butt Plate Assembly, featuring a Limb-saver® Airtech® recoil pad, allows for rapid tool-less adjustment of the recoil pad height by depressing the Butt Plate Locking Button while sliding the Butt Plate Assembly to the desired position. The total adjustment span is 30 mm (1.18”).


An extension of adjustability is modularity. Modularity allows you to tailor your SICS™ to your needs, and to build a tool that will work with you and has the possibility to change over time, or for different purposes.

Spuhr® Interface™

The Spuhr Ideal Chassis System™ features one of the hallmarks of the Spuhr Ideal Scope Mount System™: the Spuhr Interface™.

Using a systemic approach, the integration of the Spuhr Interface™ into the SICS™ allows users to fully configure their rifle as needed, being able to move accessories between their scope mount and their chassis, enabling the perfect setup for any intended use.

The Spuhr Interface™ consists of a female and a male interface surface, featuring circular grooves and ridges mating around an M4 screw. This interface design does not have any sharp edges and has the best repeatability on the market.


The SICS™ 16” standard forend features an integrated Arca Swiss® rail for use of various commonly available bipod and tripod solutions. The SICS™ can also be fitted with different length forends depending on user requirements.

With all SICS™ forends, a short Picatinny Gen2 rail is included so that a bipod or other 3rd party accessories can be attached to the chassis.

Bag Riders 

The Folding Stock Assembly includes a fixed height exchangeable bag rider which features Spuhr Interfaces™ on the bottom surface, for attachment of butt spikes, and other accessories.


The third key feature of SICS™ is stability. We could have called this precision, but the chassis is not about precision per se, that is the job of the barrel and action. Our chassis provides extreme stability and stiffness as the foundation for a superiorly accurate rifle system is a rigid platform for the barreld action.

Chassis Body

The SICS™ is based around a rigid chassis body machined from a single billet of 7000 series aircraft aluminum with an extended tenon to support the forend. The exterior sides of the magwell area of the chassis body feature Spuhr Interfaces™ for easy attachment of accessories.


The Modular Forend, attach to the chassis body with nine M6 fasteners, is machined from a single piece of aircraft aluminum in a tubular design to increase rigidity and stability.

Folding Stock Assembly

The Folding Stock Assembly features an adjustable locking mechanism to ensure a rock-solid lockup.

Innovation and Quality


The Spuhr Ideal Chassis System™ features an innovative patent pending length-of-pull adjustment mechanism, allowing the Folding Stock Assembly to be quickly extended or retracted as needed.


Not only does the SICS™ Forend feature an integrated Arca Swiss® rail, but it also features an innovative design by which our proprietary Arca Rail Grabber can be rapidly – and securely – moved between positions along the rail, with just a mere push of a button.


Quality is not just nice to have – it is essential. Sportsmen and professional users alike need to be able to count on their SICS™  being there for them and that it performs every time and under any conditions. Competitions and real-life use can be rough on the gear, and failures can cost more than just a place on a podium. This is why quality and durability are the starting points for every product we design at Spuhr®.

Spuhr® brings our world leading level of quality and attention to detail to the development and production of the Spuhr Ideal Chassis System™. Combined with ISO certified production techniques and quality management, the innovative design of the SICS™ will take the shooting experience to the next level.

Important Notes on Variants:


  • Clearance between front of action and handguard is approximately 130 mm/5.11″ and may require the use of a 38 mm/1.5″ high mount.
  • 3 forends are available, 13 inch length , 16 inch length and 16 inch HBAR. The HBAR Forend is Remington 700 and clone actions with bull barrel profiles that exceed a Heavy Varmint profile. Max 32 mm/1.25″ diameter. The HBAR does not have Spuhr Interfaces™ along the top of the forend.
  • Uses AICS compatible magazines.
  • All models have a folding stock mechanism.
  • All will only fit right handed rifles.

Tikka T3/T3x:

  • As the Tikka T3/T3x actions have a 28 mm/1.102” front face diameter, even a straight bull barrel matching the Tikka action’s diameter will fit in the CH110 13″ forend (max barrel diameter at the shank: 29 mm/1.14″).
  • Due to the narrow magwell in the Tikka T3/T3x actions, some plastic magazines may not seat properly without modification.

Remington 700 and Clones:

  • Actions with 60-degree bolt throw may not allow stock to be folded over closed bolt. Due to variances in dimensions, some recoil lugs will require fitting.
  • Max barrel diameter at the shank: 32 mm/1.25″.
  • The standard Rem 700 short action variant will also fit short action from: Impact Precision, Mack Bros, Vudoo Gun Works.
  • The Rem 700 LCP short action variant is designed for Remington 700 clones, such as the Cadex Defense CDX-R7 and similar actions, where the firing pin cocking piece has a lower travel than a standard Remington 700. It will also fit short actions from: BAT Machine, Curtis Custom, KS Arms (Note: low bolt stops may require modification for clearance), Surgeon Rifles, Terminus, Zermatt Arms/Bighorn Arms.

Available variants:

  • CH000001 – Rem 700 Short Action (SA), Black, 16″ Forend
  • CH000011 – Rem 700 Short Action (SA), Black, 13″ Forend
  • CH000021 – Rem 700 Short Action (SA), Black, 16″ HBAR Forend
  • CH000002 – Rem 700 Long Action (LA), Black, 16″ Forend
  • CH000012 – Rem 700 Long Action (LA), Black, 13″ Forend
  • CH000022 – Rem 700 Long Action (LA), Black, 16″ HBAR Forend
  • CH000003 – Tikka T3/T3x Short Action (SA),  Black, 16″ Forend
  • CH000013 – Tikka T3/T3x Short Action (SA),  Black, 13″ Forend
  • CH000004 – Tikka T3/T3x Long Action (LA),  Black, 16″ Forend
  • CH000014 – Tikka T3/T3x Long Action (LA),  Black, 13″ Forend
  • CH000101 – Rem 700 LCP Short Action (SA), Black, 16″ Forend
  • CH000111 – Rem 700 LCP Short Action (SA), Black, 13″ Forend
  • CH000121 – Rem 700 LCP Short Action (SA), Black, 16″ HBAR Forend

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for Spuhr. All Spuhr products bought from ATP are covered by the Australian Spuhr Warranty.

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Rem 700 LCP Short Action, Black, 13" Forend, Rem 700 LCP Short Action, Black, 16" Forend, Rem 700 LCP Short Action, Black, 16" HBAR Forend, Rem 700 Long Action, Black, 13" Forend, Rem 700 Long Action, Black, 16" Forend, Rem 700 Long Action, Black, 16" HBAR Forend, Rem 700 Short Action, Black, 13" Forend, Rem 700 Short Action, Black, 16" Forend, Rem 700 Short Action, Black, 16" HBAR Forend, Tikka T3/T3x Long Action, Black, 13" Forend, Tikka T3/T3x Long Action, Black, 16" Forend, Tikka T3/T3x Short Action, Black, 13" Forend, Tikka T3/T3x Short Action, Black, 16" Forend


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