Straight Shot Segway MKIII and Tactical Scope Mounting Reticle Levelers

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The MK-III was the first—and still is—the easiest and best solution to get your reticle straight when mounting a scope on a rifle. Compact, lightweight and simple to use, you can’t go wrong with the MK-III. It features a snapped-in level, and it is double-sided for versatility.

To accommodate for different vision preferences, the lines on the reverse side are narrower than the wider lines on the front. Use either side with confidence. Keep a MK-III in your range bag for quick, on-the-go adjustments. Here’s how it works: the MK-III is made with two rectangular white plastic squares connected by a square brass rod. The plastic squares have black lines on both sides, with narrower lines on the reverse side, wider lines on the front.

Mount the scope, leaving the rings loose enough for a little bit of play. Choose to use either side of the leveler and pull the plastic squares apart, sliding the brass rod between the mount and the scope. Once you’ve done that, push the plastic squares toward each other so that they touch the scope on both sides. Hook the provided rubber band to the rings underneath the plastic squares to hold the Segway steady. Make sure the rubber band isn’t too tight so that it pulls the leveler off-center. Look through the scope, using the black lines on the plastic squares to align the reticle. Tighten your scope’s rings, and you’re good to go.

The Tactical variant works in the same manner as the standard MK-III leveler, except it is designed to fit snugly into the picatinny/weaver scope rail.

Weight 0.12 kg

MKIII Standard Leveler, Tactical Leveler


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