Spuhr Gen 2 Picatinny Rifle Scope Mount Rail Base

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High Quality Dehorned Scope Mount Base

Based on a decade of experience designing and manufacturing the original Ideal Scope Mount System – including a vast number of accessories – we are proudly providing you with the Next Generation Picatinny Rail Scope Bases.

Our Picatinny Gen2 scope bases feature properly dehorned edges for improved repeatability and a smooth touch. Using 7075 T651 aluminum we combine strength and durability with low weight.

Rail comes with 6-48×1/4″ Torx 10-screws and stainless steel pins for optional pinning of the scope base to the action. Can be used on right and left-handed actions alike.

NOTE: If you prefer to buy Australian Made, we also manufacture our own scope rails for the Howa 1500, Howa Mini, Howa M1100, Tikka T1x, Tikka T3/T3x, Marlin 1895/336, Marlin XT-17/XT-22, Remington 700/Bergara B14, Remington 7600/7615 and Savage 93/MkII. Available at the following link: https://australiantacticalprecision.com.au/shop/optics/scope-bases-and-rails/?filtering=1&filter_product_brand=1705

Available variants:

  • R-7001, Remington 700 SA, 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • R-7601, Remington 700 SA, 6 MIL/20 MOA
  • R-7002, Remington 700 SA, Extended, 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • R-7602, Remington 700 SA, Extended, 6 MIL/20 MOA
  • R-7011, Remington 700 LA, 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • R-7611, Remington 700 LA, 6 MIL/20 MOA
  • R-7012, Remington 700 LA, Extended, 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • R-7612, Remington 700 LA, Extended, 6 MIL/20 MOA
  • R-7042, Sauer 200 STR, Extended, 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • R-7642, Sauer 200 STR, Extended, 6 MIL/20 MOA
  • R-7021, Tikka T3 / T3x, 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • R-7621, Tikka T3 / T3x, 6 MIL/20 MOA
  • R-7022, Tikka T3 / T3x, Extended, 0 MIL/0 MOA
  • R-7622, Tikka T3 / T3x, Extended, 6 MIL/20 MOA
  • R-7031, Winchester 70, 0 MIL/0 MOA

ATP is an authorised Australian dealer for Spuhr. All Spuhr products bought from ATP are covered by the Australian Spuhr Warranty.

Weight 0.3 kg

R-7001, Rem 700 SA, 0 MOA, R-7002, Rem 700 SA Ext, 0 MOA, R-7011, Rem 700 LA, 0 MOA, R-7012, Rem 700 LA Ext, 0 MOA, R-7021, Tikka T3/T3x, 0 MOA, R-7022, Tikka T3/T3x Ext, 0 MOA, R-7031, Win 70, 0 MOA, R-7042, Sauer 200 STR Ext, 0 MOA, R-7601, Rem 700 SA, 20 MOA, R-7602, Rem 700 SA Ext, 20 MOA, R-7611, Rem 700 LA, 20 MOA, R-7612, Rem 700 LA Ext, 20 MOA, R-7621, Tikka T3/T3x, 20 MOA, R-7622, Tikka T3/T3x Ext, 20 MOA, R-7642, Sauer 200 STR Ext, 20 MOA


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