Weigand WEIG-A-TINNY Picatinny Scope Rail for Ruger M77 and M77 MKII

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Weigand WEIG-A-TINNY Rail for Ruger M77,  M77 MKII and Hawkeye

NOTE: Not for use on the following hard hitting calibers:

338 Winchester Magnum
375 H&H Magnum Caliber
375 Ruger
416 Ruger

M77 and M77 MKII and Hawkeye WEIG-A-TINNY® Style Scope Mount-Our Newest Scope Mount in the Ruger Rifle line. This mount converts the Ruger scope ring attaching points to a WEIG-A-TINNY® Picatinny Weaver style mounting point. Please note that these rails are quite short so might not be able to suit a Digital Night Vision or Thermal Scope.

  • Rail has an adjustable recoil lug
  • Body made from 6061-T6 Aluminum the recoil lug is mild steel
  • Silver models are bare aluminium finish, black are anodised
  • Made in the USA

NOTE: If you prefer to buy Australian Made, we also manufacture our own scope rails for the M77/M77 MKII/Hawkeye/Gunsight Scout which can be used with Digital Night Vision and Thermal Scopes. Available at the following link: https://australiantacticalprecision.com.au/product/optics/scope-bases-and-rails/atp-picatinny-scope-mount-rail-base-ruger-m77-m77-mkii-hawkeye-australian-made/


To determine if your rifle is the short action you need to measure from the center of the rear scope ring slot on the top of the receiver to the center of the front scope ring slot. The short action is 4” long, larger readings are the long action.

NOTE: Due to the number of customers who neglect to measure their action before purchasing, we will no longer be accepting returns where you have purchased the incorrect rail for your rifle ie. Long Action vs Short Action

Weigand has developed the perfect combination for scope mounts and scope mounting. We have taken the popular Weaver Style mount and the Tactical PICATINNY style scope mount and combined all of the best features of each to make the ultimate scope mount for all applications.

Any true Weaver Style ring or sight mount will directly attach to our new scope mount configuration. Most all PICATINNY style rings and sights will also attach to our new scope mount configuration. We have adhered to all of the cross slot dimensions and tolerances per PICATINNY specs. The profile is not exact PICATINNY dimensions but close enough to make it easy to mount most all PICATINNY accessories.  We do not maintain the .748″ +-.002 dimension on the PICATINNY profile but we keep it close enough to work for most applications. 

Available models:

M77XB – Ruger M77 MKII Short Action – 0 MOA – Black

M77XS  – Ruger M77 MKII Short Action – 0 MOA – Silver

M77X20B – Ruger M77 MKII Short Action – 20 MOA – Black

M77X20S – Ruger M77 MKII Short Action ­- 20 MOA – Silver

M77LXB – Ruger M77 MKII Long Action – 0 MOA – Black

M77LXS – Ruger M77 MKII Long Action – 0 MOA – Silver

M77LX20B – Ruger M77 MKII Long Action – 20 MOA – Black

M77LX20S – Ruger M77 MKII Long Action – 20 MOA – Silver

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M77LX20B M77 LA – 20 MOA – BLK, M77LX20S M77 LA – 20 MOA – SIL, M77LXB M77 LA – 0 MOA – BLK, M77LXS M77 LA – 0 MOA – SIL, M77X20B M77 SA – 20 MOA – BLK, M77X20S M77 SA – 20 MOA – SIL, M77XB M77 SA – 0 MOA – BLK, M77XS M77 SA – 0 MOA – SIL


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