Burris Signature Zee Picatinny – Weaver Scope Rings

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This patented ring design utilizes synthetic inserts that pivot within a steel outer ring allowing them to line up scope tube and rings without bending or stressing the scope tube. This assures no optical distortion.

The Burris Self-Aligning Rifle Scope Zee Rings keeps your scope protected and maintains point-of-impact regardless of temperature changes.The rings come completely ready to go and can be used on any Weaver or Picatinny base.

Burris concentric synthetic inserts gripping the rifle scope tube are made of a material slightly softer than the hard-coat anodized rifle-scope tube. The Burris inserts are manufactured by a process that nearly eliminates tolerances and produces incredibly consistent parts. The inserts are slightly wider than standard Burris steel rings which increases the potential surface area contact by 12%. (Burris standard riflescope rings already provide 10% to 30% more gripping area than many other popular brands.) With the Burris synthetic inserts pivoting on all axis, they grip the entire surface area of the scope tube rather than only a portion of the tube as is the case with unlapped standard steel rings.

These rings allow the use of Burris offset Posi-Align inserts (sold separately) which can customise your setup so you can zero your scope at it’s mechanical centre, or you can build in some elevation for those longer distance shots (up to 40 MOA). The offset inserts also correct for any misalignment caused by receiver holes drilled off center, or the bases or rings being slightly off perfect centre. Great for scopes which don’t have much adjustment range such as the Bushnell Elite 4200/4500 series.

Each pack contains a set of 2 rings and standard Posi-Align inserts. (The 30mm versions also come with two sets of +10 and -10 inserts)

These rings are available to fit 1 inch or 30mm scope tubes and come in two different heights. Heights are measured from the centre of the scope tube to the top of the picatinny rail.

 Available in:

  • 1 inch, Medium Height, 19.5mm, #420521
  • 1 inch, High Height, 23.3mm,  #420531
  • 30mm, Medium Height, 20.5mm, #420588
  • 30mm, High Height, 23.6mm, #420587
  • 30mm, Extra High Height, 29.9mm, #420585
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1" High #420531, 1" Medium #420521, 30mm Extra High #420585, 30mm High #420587, 30mm Medium #420588


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