Tempil Tempilaq Temperature Indicating Liquid for Case Annealing

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Tempilaq Temperature Indicator is optimal for cold and/or smooth surfaces, Tempilaq is a quick, easy and cost-effective method to verify the achievement of a specific temperature on a wide range of surfaces under dynamic conditions.

Quick application. Accurate results. When applied to a surface, Tempilaq quickly dries, forming a dull, opaque film. Then, when heat is applied to that surface and the rated temperature is reached, the film liquefies. As the surface cools, the liquefied Tempilaq re-solidifies to leave a distinctly different mark, confirming that the target temperature has indeed been achieved.

Great for getting that perfect temperature when case annealing. Comes in 2 oz bottles.

Note, temperatures are in Degrees Fahrenheit.

Note: Only use Tempilaq Green Label Thinner to dilute or replace evaporated solvent (sold separately) please see our other items.

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325 Degrees F, 400 Degrees F, 450 Degrees F, 475 Degrees F, 488 Degrees F, 500 Degrees F, 650 Degrees F, 700 Degrees F, 750 Degrees F, 800 Degrees F


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